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About Haunted School

Haunted School is a horror survival game where you have to search a school to find the tools needed to exorcise a child. Investigate the map for hints and supplies. How long can you survive in the Haunted School?
In search of an answer
Explore the hallways of the ruined school in search of answers. Solve puzzles and locate the priest's tools to expel the female demon before it's too late.
Survive the nightmare.
A shotgun can be found early in the game. You can use it to shoot the girl away before she kills you, but it will only keep her away for a short while. If you run out of ammo, your only option is to run away and hope you don't become demon food. The priest had dropped hints all over the Haunted School.Follow their recommendations.
Prepare to take a leap of faith.
The haunted school is becoming more and more scary as it uses scares and tension to make you unable to sit still. The atmosphere is reminiscent of other popular survival horror games like Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Expect unforgivable obsessions.

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