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About The Baby In Yellow

Kids are normally cute. However, The Baby in Yellow is totally different. You can’t soothe him into obedience or comfort him with a lullaby.

How to deal with an unruly kid?

Baby in Yellow is a free online game produced by Team Terrible. In this game, you will play the role of a babysitter, who has the responsibility of taking care of a naughty baby. Your job seems normal at first until you realize something is weird. Besides feeding the baby, changing his stinky diapers, putting him to bed, turning the lights on/off, and some more, you have to be aware of his sudden attack! The baby you’re in charge of is not as pure as you think! How long can you manage to stay in control?

Explore a single-player horror game where you may have an opportunity to challenge yourself!

The more you enter the mystery, the more you will learn about the strange baby. Be careful not to let your guard down, or he can attack you at any time! Try it and see!

 The endings of this game:

Currently, there are four endings in total: Two can be succeeded in Normal mode and the other two can be accomplished in Escape mode.

-   Normal mode:

In this Normal mode, there are two endings: Normal Ending and Quick Ending.

  • Normal Ending: To achieve this ending, you simply play through the game and finish the third night.
  • Quick Ending: To achieve this ending, you have to collect all of the Souls and open the Toy Box. Click on the box repeatedly till a black eye ball appears. Wait for a few seconds, a jumpscare will occur, and the lullaby will be sung.

-   Escape mode:

In this Escape mode, there are two separate endings: Good Ending and Bad Ending.

  • Good Ending: To achieve this ending, you have to throw the kid into the void as you follow the White Rabbit's instructions.
  • Bad Ending: To achieve this ending, you have to put the kid into the bed.

Is The Baby in Yellow free to play?

The Baby In Yellow is available to play online in your browser on PC and mobile devices (tablets included). 

Some reviews from players:

Most players all around the world agree that The Baby in Yellow is funny, scary, and worth playing once in a lifetime.

However, some players leave feedback that it’s shorter than they expected. The publisher should create more chapters to lengthen the playing time.


It is no exaggeration to say that The Baby in Yellow is one of the funniest and scariest horror games published in 2022. The baby in the yellow pajamas occasionally flashes his frightening red eyes and makes thrilling sounds that frighten any player.

Overall, if you are crazy about thriller games, it’s recommended to play The Baby In Yellow.

How to play

The to-do list will be displayed in the left upper corner of your screen. Make sure that you follow the instructions and complete the mission in the right order. You have to be considerate when making decisions and choosing the sequence of your actions.

The game takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to fully complete, and another 30 minutes added to find collectables around.

You may use your mouse to move items and the mouse wheel to control your field of vision.

Press ESC to quit the game.

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