That's Not My Neighbor


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About That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor is a 2D horror game with a unique approach to the "job simulator" genre. The game puts you in the role of a doorkeeper in an apartment building in 1955, where you face strange situations: the distinction between real neighbors and doppelgänger creatures, who have the ability to shape human identity.

How to play

Your task is to check the papers of each passenger to determine if they're a doppelgänger. If you accidentally drop a doppelgänger, you will lose points and are likely to face death at the end of the game. On the contrary, if you call the wrong D.D.D. to a neighbor, you won't know who died afterwards. It's not that my neighbors require you to pay attention to every detail and judge quickly and wisely.  Every decision has consequences, and you have to think carefully before you act. Prepare to be the best doorkeeper or last survivor in this mysterious building.

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