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About The Kidnapped Ghost

In The Kidnapped Ghost, a princess has been abducted and imprisoned in a spooky castle. You must aid the captive ghost of the princess in escaping. To save the princess from that awful environment, the goal of the game is to uncover hidden objects and solve riddles. There are several regions in The Kidnapped Ghost, and each one has a unique theme and set of difficulties for you to overcome. After you succeed in releasing the ghost, you must run into it again in various locations where other people have captured it. Search for all concealed objects in each scene as quickly as you can, but be careful; there are several traps that will complicate your search. Have you prepared? Let's

How to play

The developers of successful games like Princess Click, Ghost Clicker, and many others have released a terrifying new ultra-casual title called Kidnapped. You already know what October means: it's time for a brand new spooky tale! This time, a ghost that is also a princess has been stolen. What could possibly be scarier than that? Prepare yourself for some spooky experiences with this creepy crawler. You are a budding ghost hunter in the land of the Kidnapped, and your first task is to locate the spirit of the kidnapped princess and return her to safety. It sounds easy enough, but in this unsettling tiny hamlet, nothing is what it seems. You'll unlock new settings to explore as you go through the game and collect different kinds of ghosts, which is great for when you grow bored of looking in the same old spots again.

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