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About Shotgun Roulette

Shotgun Roulette is an improved variant of the famous strategy and horror genre game Buckshot Roulette. Here, players embark on an adventure game in an underground nightclub, where they face the mysterious "Seller". Instead of using a traditional rifle, players will be equipped with a 12-gauge hunting rifle to protect themselves in the game.

How to play

The game will consist of three rounds, each with a change in the number of real and fake bullets loaded into the gun randomly. Players have the choice of shooting "Seller" or shooting themselves. If you choose to shoot yourself and the bullet is fake, the player will skip the "Seller" turn and continue to play. Both the player and the "seller" have had a number of occasions of using a heart shock machine to revive when shot by a real bullet. A round ends when either side is out of heart shock.

What is special about Shotgun Roulette is the combination of strategic and lucky elements, together with obsessive visuals and sound, creating a stressful and engaging gaming experience. The game has received appreciation from both critics and players for its difficulty! Let's see how many rounds you'll survive! 

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