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About Scary Teacher 3D

In our campus life, it’s not difficult to meet a scary teacher who always behaves strictly and picky.

The game is about a genius schoolgirl and her evil high school teacher. The scary teacher has been threatening students and giving hard punishment at all times.

Now, this evil teacher has moved to your neighborhood, and you have a chance to teach her a lesson by scaring her. Normally, teasing a teacher is forbidden. However, in this game, you can do anything you want to avenge your evil teacher.

What's the worst revenge? It’s time to scare your creepy teacher by performing various activities. You must complete your mission without getting caught and within the assigned time. Try to be a playful and naughty kid in this game.


With the 3D graphic installation, Scary Teacher 3D promises to bring players eye-catching images and realistic sound.

How to play

  • Tap on the virtual D-pad to control your character across the map, explore each room, finish each level, and finally escape from the teacher in Scary Teacher 3D.
  • Move the camera until it’s in your field of vision, then click the button on the screen to interact with different items.

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