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About Riddle School 5

The Riddle School series is back with Riddle School 5! Developed by JonBro, Riddle School 5 promises to bring you joy and experience during the playing time. Your task is to take control of Phil, the main character, once more in his epic journey to escape his enemy-a group of thrilling aliens who frighten the very existence of the Earth! 

Riddle School 5 is an amusing escape puzzle game, where you try to find an exit from the school. This time you will try to escape from the spaceship instead of the school. That's right! In this version of this online game series, you and your partners have been kidnapped by cruel aliens, and you must protect yourself and your friends as well to return to Earth together.


Riddle School 5 is the final season of the Riddle School series. This is the longest, craziest, and greatest game of the entire series. About the file size, this game is quite big. You might want to spend time playing it because it takes more than ten minutes to beat, and probably a little bit longer if you play it for the first time.

How to play

This game is played with the mouse. The mouse can be rolled over certain objects to reveal what they are. These labeled objects can be clicked on to be detected.

When you receive an item, you can use it by clicking it around the screen.

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