Riddle School 4


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About Riddle School 4

Riddle School 4 is part of the Riddle School puzzle series, famous for its intriguing plot and exciting intellectual challenges.

How to play

  • The game begins in a boring classroom with Mr. Munch but quickly turns into an adventure when you uncover a dark secret beneath the school.
  • Mystery School 4 is known for its simple yet expressive graphics and sound, creating an atmosphere of tension and secrecy.
  • The game continues with simple observation and click gameplay, requiring players to observe and interact with their surroundings to solve puzzles and progress in the game.
  • Surprise and humor: "Mystery School" brings unexpected and funny, even scandalous situations, making players unpredictable about what happens next.

   Riddle School 4 is a technically simple game, but it can create a deep and memorable entertainment experience!

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