Ozzy’s Rockin’ Diner!


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About Ozzy’s Rockin’ Diner!

Ozzy’s Rockin’ Diner! is a short horror video game inspired by the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s and FAITH: The Unholy Trinity series. The game tells the story of Casey Flint and Gavin Harper, the two protagonists assigned to revive a restaurant with a troubled past.

How to play

  • As you begin your journey, you'll quickly realize that Ozzy's has more mystery than you can see.
  • You will encounter strange phenomena and unexplained events that happen continuously at the diner.
  • In the game, you'll have to uncover the secrets hidden in the walls of the dining room and face the darkness hidden inside.
  • Ozzy’s Rockin’ Diner offers a stressful and challenging experience as you try to uncover mysteries and survive days at the restaurant.

Good luck with Ozzy's Rockin' Diner!

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