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About Opossum Country

Opossum Country is a horror story released in April 2024 and it's designed for the Game Boy. Here, you will explore a questionable campsite and uncover the terrible mysteries hidden inside. This game puts you in the role of a pizza dealer who accidentally gets caught up in a much bigger story than what he imagined when he discovered the secrets of the campers.

How to play

Starting your journey to Opossum Country, you'll enter a campsite that's so desolate and deserted. Every corner and every character you encounter can hide an unexpected danger. The game is not only a journey of exploration but also a challenge with your ability to infer and master.
Be mentally prepared to face dark mysteries and tough decisions in the Opossum Country. Every step is not just an adventure but a test of your courage. Have fun playing games and don't forget to be careful with your choices.

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