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About Obunga The Game

Obunga The Game is a horror game inspired by a popular internet meme. This game is inspired by a meme image of former US President Barack Obama with a deformed face, known as Obunga. 

How to play

  • You need to use your mouse and keyboard to move and interact with your environment.
  • The goal of each level or area is to find the specified objects and then escape.
  • If Obunga finds you, he'll start chasing you, so you need to be vigilant.
  • Sounds are important for listening and knowing how much noise you're making. You need to listen to Obunga and if it's nearby, you should adjust your movements to be quieter.
  • There's always a clear route in your head if Obunga decides to chase you. 

Good luck with Obunga The Game!

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