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About KinitoPET

KinitoPET is a unique psychological horror experience game that takes place through Kinito, a virtual assistant from the early 2000s. Kinito has the ability to travel, talk, browse, adapt and play games, providing a unique experience with its adaptive technology.

How to play

The mission begins with you having to nurture a virtual egg, from which Kinito will be born. You'll take care of Kinito, play with him and explore the world around him. But as you continue to play, you'll realize the abnormalities, from mysterious messages to game errors and destructive behavior. Every message, every mistake, and every interaction contains a clue about the secrets behind the creation of Kinito and possibly your safety in the virtual world, as well as the fact that it's not just a regular virtual pet game but a psychological horror adventure full of surprises and challenges. Do you have the courage to embrace your Kinito egg? Remember, the boundary between virtual and real can be thinner than you think.

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