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About FNAF Sister Location

Sister site of FNAF Powered by Custom Night, the game takes an exciting new twist. The charming security office with electric doors is still in use as before. To be able to stop the creatures, you must pass the shift. To make the game more difficult, the player can change the number of encounters. As the game becomes more difficult to complete, there are more and more opponents. Only the most devoted followers are faithful all the way. Click on the image to select the wish list. Beyond 20 inches, the height is unimaginable. The counter is then reset to 1. Violation warning messages will not appear if you disable the warning icons. Move the mouse pointer around the session to observe its surroundings.

How to play

The vents and corridors can be locked or unlocked by selecting the red controls. Don't waste too much energy or oxygen. View camera video footage by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. For more fun and lighter versions, don't forget to play our amazing FNAF game now!

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