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About Fight Arena Online

Fight Arena Online is a multiplayer 3D confrontation game in which you will take part in dramatic and powerful battles. This game is available for free on this site.  In Fight Arena Online, you will be selected from a variety of characters, from fighters, ninjas, and superheroes to strange creatures. Each character has its own skills, strengths and characteristics that you must use to fight against your opponents.

How to play

You'll have to move flexibly, evade and attack with mouse buttons and keyboards. You can also combine the beats to create beautiful and powerful combos.  You can play Fight Arena online with your computer or with other players around the world. You will be able to join the available playrooms or create your own playroom. 

You can also choose the number of players, times, and maps for each match. Fight Arena Online is an intriguing and challenging game, suitable for those who love action and fighting. You will feel the excitement and challenge of playing Fight Arena Online.

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