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About Evil Nun

Imagine that you are at the campus area and suddenly a scary nun appears and tries to catch you. It sounds crazy thrilling, right?

Sister Madeline (the Evil Nun) catches you in Eagle’s Junior High School after you accept a mysterious invitation to a summer camp. Your important objective is to get out of school before Sister Madeline can finish her evil scheme.

Escape from Sister Madeline and explore the school. Find one of the game’s exits by solving puzzles and obstacles. That's what you need to do in this game. Besides, discovering the mysteries of the washing room to complete the game is considered your main task. Don’t waste your time and come play with us right now!

Key feature

The final destination of the game is to try to escape from the fearful demonic nun who walks around the school rooms and is attracted by the noise. Find yourself in all the little places you can in the Escape mode, or play the Shooter mode and look for the opponent to shoot and defeat while you run.

How to play

  • Use W,A,S,D keys to move.
  • Use the F key to interact, hide or use items.
  • Use the G key to drop items.
  • Use the T key to unhide.
  • Use Escape to pause.
  • Use the Left control to Crouch.
  • Use the mouse to look around.
  • Use the Left Mouse button to Fire.
  • Use the Right Mouse button to Aim.
  • Use Mouse Wheel to change Weapons.
  • Use the G key to grenades.
  • Use the R key to reload.
  • Use the F key to pick up items.
  • Use Left Shift to run.
  • Use Left CTRL to crouch.
  • Use the X key to prone.
  • Use the Spacebar to jump.

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