Evil Granny Must Die Ch2


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About Evil Granny Must Die Ch2

The story takes place one evening in a deserted park. Along with the pursuit and attack of Evil Granny, you get lost in the park. You must locate 6 keys buried in the park to destroy Evil Granny and escape. It won't be that simple and it will be really dangerous, so use extreme caution! Good fortune! Usable features that will benefit you: Conduit, Colt45, and Shotgun are the three weapons in this game. It also has great 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and a huge map with loads of action, scary jumps, and sounds.

How to play

W A S D to move around Mouse to scan the area Right mouse button for aiming and firing Left mouse button to choose between weapons G is for Grenades R for reloading F for item pickup Shift left

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