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About Burger & Frights

Burger & Frights is a short but impressive and unique horror game. Here you will go through a terrible journey on your bicycle in the dark. The game starts with a burger craving late at night and you decide to go home after having satisfied your hunger. But it's unexpected that the trip home turns into a nightmare when you face mysterious and frightening phenomena in the darkness of the forest.

How to play

  • Real Horror Feelings: The game brings a real horror feeling with you driving your bicycle through a dark forest, where every noise can be a sign of an imminent danger.
  • Unique Inspiration: The game is inspired by horror titles like Rides with Strangers and a famous horror film by John Carpenter, creating a unique and different experience.
  • Play Full Dive: It is recommended to play in full-screen mode to feel the full atmosphere of horror and stress that the game brings.

Have a fun and terrible journey playing Burger & Frights!

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