Buckshot Roulette 3


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About Buckshot Roulette 3

In Buckshot Roulette 3, players engage in a dangerous game of Russian roulette in an underground bar. This is the latest version of the stress and strategy video game Buckshot Roulette. One unique thing about this game is that you'll be using 12-gauge guns instead of regular ones.  This gives players a new and exciting experience.

How to play

There are three rounds in the game, and each round changes the number of real and fake shots on the gun. There's a strange AI character called "Seller" that the player can shoot, or they can fire themselves. The player will continue to play or give the gun to the "seller" if there is a fake bullet in the box. Both the player and the "seller" use a heart vibrator to revive after being shot multiple times. 
In round two, the game adds new items like lupus glasses to check the bullet in the box, cigarette packs to help you recover from a heart attack, and beer boxes to load.  These items will help you get to victory. 

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