Buckshot Roulette 2


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About Buckshot Roulette 2

Buckshot Roulette 2 is a strategy and horror video game where players face the "seller" in a stressful Russian roulette game. Just like Buckshot Roulette, you will be using 12-gauge hunting guns instead of traditional rifles, creating a new and exciting experience.

How to play

The special feature of Buckshot Roulette 2 is the addition of new items from round 2 and beyond, which increases the player's chances of winning. Items include a lump for checking bullets in the container before the action, a cigarette pack for recovering from a heart attack, a beer can for loading bullets, and a folding knife for cutting a gun's container in a game. 

Buckshot Roulette 2 is not only a game of luck but also requires strategy and agile decision-making from the player's side. With obsessive graphics and sound, the game promises a challenging and exciting experience! Try your bravery now!

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