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About blinDead

blinDead is a unique horror game coming out where you will assume the role of a blind man trapped in a ghost house full of evil dolls. 

This game challenges your senses in an unprecedented way when you have to use the sound from your microphone to track the road and survive while exploring the mystery behind the scary dolls and avoiding death from every corner of the villa.

How to play

  • The Human Horror Experience: You play the role of a blind person, using sound to shape your environment and survive.
  • Ghost Space: The ghost villa, with the evil dolls chasing you unceasingly.
  • Survival puzzle: Discover the mystery behind the dolls and shadows that threaten your life.
  • Sound and background music: original background music that enhances the excitement and horror of every moment.

Prepare to face the absolute darkness of blinDead and explore what lies beyond the boundaries of the visible world. 

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