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About Biozombie of Evil 2

Biozombie of Evil 2 is a third-view shooter in which you will continue the battle against the zombie clans that are spreading all over the world.  In Biozombie of Evil 2, you will play one of the characters with special abilities, such as using energy, time control, or deformation. 

How to play

You will have to use your special abilities skillfully. Move through different scenes if you can destroy all the zombies, from the forests to the cities, to find the cause of the pandemic and how to stop it. You'll also face zombie bosses, like giant zombies, flying zombies, or powered zombies.

Biozombie of Evil 2 is a fascinating and dramatic shooter, suitable for fans of horror and action. You'll feel the excitement and challenge of playing Biozombie of Evil 2.

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