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About 98xx

The horror game 98xx is a unique experience, recreating an old computer operating system from the 1990s, discovered after years of being forgotten. This game brings a hallucinatory, psychological horror space with many mysteries and surprises.

How to play

  • 98xx simulates an old computer operating system with active files that can be explored.
  • One of those programs called "Julian Jumping" appears to be a normal 2D platformer game, but the more you play it, the more weird things start to happen.
  • The game includes a variety of applications, ranging from puzzle games and question-and-answer games to software like Pixel Paint and Video Editor.
  • The game contains disturbing images, loud sounds, flashing images and sensitive themes. If you have an epileptic seizure or have suicidal thoughts, do not open this operating system.

Good luck with 98xx!

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