Turnip Boy Robs A Bank


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About Turnip Boy Robs A Bank

The action game Roguelite Turnip Child Robs a Bank tells the story of a real child and a bold bank robbery. The game allows you to play as Turnip Boy, a rebellious beetle working with a group of cucumbers to rob a giant bank. You'll need a lot of different weapons, like guns and a precious stone hammer, to fight bank guards, police, special forces, and strange monsters.

How to play

 Try to make as much money as you can while staying away from dangerous gases and ticking clocks. You will learn interesting and bizarre facts about banking and the world of Turnip Boy along the way. The graphics and sound are very nice, the game is very interesting and difficult, and the story is very funny and surprising. If you like bugs and bank robbery, you should play Turnip Boy Robs A Bank.

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