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Recommended Game: The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow is a game where you play as a babysitter who has to take care of a very naughty and creepy baby. The baby wears a yellow onesie and has red eyes that can glow in the dark. He can also levitate, teleport, and attack you at any moment. Your job is to feed him, change his diapers, put him to bed, and survive his mischief.

The game has two modes: Normal and Escape. In Normal mode, you have to complete three nights of babysitting without losing your sanity. In Escape mode, you have to find a way to get rid of the baby before he kills you. There are four different endings that you can achieve depending on your actions.

The Baby in Yellow is a free game that you can play in your browser on your PC or mobile device. It has simple graphics and controls, but it also has a lot of humor and horror elements that will keep you entertained and scared. The game has received positive reviews from players who enjoyed its originality and challenge.

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