The Baby In Yellow 2


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About The Baby In Yellow 2

Infants, although usually adorable and powerless, can terrify players by disrupting expectations and taking control. The Baby In Yellow 1 and 2 both turn the tables on their players, and both contain creepy images and mysterious lore. Fans of the first season will definitely enjoy The Baby in Yellow 2. Come and play the role of a nanny. Try to take care of the baby and complete the mission. There are a lot of creepy moments and surprises waiting for you in the process. Good luck!


Compared with the first part, this new version of Baby In Yellow 2 has some differences. In this version, the nanny of this baby awakes in a creepy, buried house with no escape. Then she must just feed the monster like a pig in a wall, and after the monster awakes, maybe to eat this nany, the game has an unexpected end.

How to play

  • You may use your mouse to move items and the mouse wheel to control your field of vision.
  • Follow the instructions on the wall and finish your tasks.
  • Press ESC to quit the game.

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